The Trade Coin Club does not officially launch until April 2017.


The company pre-launched and went through initial beta testing early Dec 2016 through the beginning of January 2017.

It’ the creation of Joff Paradise. He is an entrepreneur owned several casinos and multiple successful businesses over many years. Most recently prior to TCC he was the Regional director for Healthy Cell Pro.

The company is headquarters is based out Belize and they do have the first license to trade multiple crypto-currencies.
For a complete overview the trade software and compensation I have provided our latest presentation presented by Global Resource Broker 2/6/2017 |  click here to watch the PRESENTATION


From what we have been able to tell through our due diligence process, the Trade Coin Club works closely with the field in order to receive valuable input and suggestions on how to enhance the platform on a regular basis. Here is a link to additional information which includes a video from the headquarters in Belize that was just released 2/1/2017 | TCC INFORMATION PAGE


That said, I encourage you to do your own due diligence and only invest discretionary money that you can afford to loose. The goal in any investment is to mitigate your risk as much as possible. I see a few risk in this program that I believe are worth taking.

#1 The company could go out of business or get shut down by regulators, however since they are based out of Belize offshore there is a high likely hood that the regulators will not shut them down.

#2 The trading software could provide slow returns which in turn could shut them down due to lack of profit. Again, this is highly unlikely due to the reserve system they put in place. With a 50% hold of principle during trading contract terms and the 25% kept in trading profits every 4 months, couple this with the .35% | .40% and .45% stop losses on your daily trades and you can see that they have done their best to mitigate as much risk as possible.

The idea of trading the top 10 performing cryptocurrency in itself is brilliant. I tell people all the time if you just bought say $100 of each of the top 10 cryptocurrencies and held it for long term growth you would almost certainly end up with some nice profits. This is due to the fact that as the infrastructure that supports bitcoin grows, so does the size of the cryptocurrency market share. This growth will elevate all the other cryptocurrencies as seen by the recent growth in Bitcoin, as well alternative crypto like Monero, Dash coin, and ethereum to name a few.

Algorithm trading is very attractive since it allows you to hedge against the volatility of these cryptocurrencies and make slight gains every day. This is a model is very similar to that of day trading forex or against the stock market.

A typical standard investment your lucky to get a 5% to if you’re lucky as high as 20% return per year. With algo-trading, you can historicaly see gains like 10% every month or even higher proven returns. Combine this with experienced day traders that are managing the money flow for them on daily basis and it’s easy to see how Trade Coin Club could offer such good returns for the investors.

Here is an example of the Trade Coin Club membership: If you keep your capital in for the contract term, in this case At the ” Trader” level 12 month contract period. ( Note: this example does not include compounding or any additional referral compensation)

There are three levels of membership ( Note: All membership levels require you to keep principle during the contract term or they will keep 50% of your principle as a reserve)

(APPRENTICE MEMBERSHIP –  .25 BTC to .99 BTC) Contract 8 months
(TRADER MEMBERSHIP  – .99 BTC to 4.99 BTC) Contact 12 months
(SR TRADER MEMBERSHIP –  5 BTC and above) Contract 12 months

Let’s say you have a TRADER MEMBERSHIP and you put in 1 BTC “Bitcoin” as of today 2/5/2017 worth approx. $1,035
Term of the trading contract 12 months.

Trades are made Monday through Friday so we have 258 trading days to earn.
Historically TCC has been earning approx 1% per day.
Every 4 months 25% of trading profits are kept by TCC.
Net return 158% for 12 months plus you still have your principle making money every day.

Your net total yearly profit would be 158 percent on your bitcoin. Compared to traditional investments this is not too bad. Now let’s look at the other upside. Compensation for referring others that also want to be a member and invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading through TRADECOINCLUB.


There are 5 ways you can get compensated above and beyond Trade profits. One of the best parts of the program is that all compensation is paid out in Bitcoin however, Soon they will have the option to also receive a commission on a Debit card as well. As a member, you have the option to re-invest your commissions, withdrawal part of all of them Monday through Friday.

1) Direct referral bonus, 10% of the invested package regardless of your level.
2) Indirect bonuses up to 8 levels of compensation
3) Team bonuses / Binary commission from 8% to 10%
4) Matrix compensation 3×12
5) Renewal Bonuses

I believe that the trading platform alone is very profitable. When you ad this lucrative incentive program to us it’s really just icing on the cake. Whether you like referral base marketing or just want to invest your bitcoin and earn profits every-day, Trade Coin Club has a plan for everyone.

If you would like to work with me and Global Resource Broker you can sign up here.