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I earn Bitcoins now on TCC Daily & Passively. 1 Bitcoin now is about $1,077 and growing. Bitcoin is more expensive than gold now and is expected to be worth about $2,000 – $3,000 by the end of 2017 as projected. 1 Bitcoin goes for about N500,000 and above now. But you can start with a smaller minimum quantity of 0.30 Bitcoins, or you can invest more and make more profit daily according to your investment level. If you understand the full potentials of this Auto Trader platform and explore it all by also building a team, in 1year, you can become a billionaire or top millionaire as the boom of Bitcoin is just starting.
To Start:
1. Register using the link:
– Also be sure your sponsor is listed as: bachbillionaire
(Type your real names which will be verified and choose a user name of your choice. You can only create one account for one person. Follow the video instructions above. You will need the number of any of your valid issued ID, Eg Drivers license, International passport, voters card, national ID)
2. Create a free Bitcoin wallet (like your Bitcoin Bank account) on and buy Bitcoin quantity according to any of the 3investment packages plus 0.05 membership fee (Apperentice 0.25 – 0.99 btc, Trader 1 – 4.99 btc, Senior Trader 5 btc and above). The minimum package (Apprentice) plus membership fee starts at 0.30 Bitcoins and above with some fractions for transfer charge, (e.g. 0.305 and above) – (VIDEO OF HOW TO CREATE A BLOCKCHAIN WALLET ) Let me know if you need assistance on how to buy Bitcoins.
3. Purchase your choice of investment package and get activated. I can guide you on that, just let me know.
4. When activated, login and fill up your profile. Also attach image of your face with you holding your clear ID beside your face.
5. Start Trading on every Monday morning by selecting your level of risk within monday (Leave it on “AUTOMATIC” and select “HIGH RISK” and the Wheels will start spinning confirming that your trade has started for that week and to be repeated each week).
6. When your bitcoins in your TRADE wallet or COMMISION wallet gets to 0.003xxxxxx bitcoins, you can start compounding your trade.
7. Please do the needful and view all the links posted in the presentation
Thank you very much
See you inside the trader